Growth - You Bet - but Grow SMART

June 13, 2017

Widespread news of huge infrastructure spending is exciting, but we know construction failures come more often when the pendulum is on the upswing.  If your surety bonding agent and underwriters are true professionals, they have been cheering your success while helping you heed the cautionary tales about too much too fast leading to disastrous results. With all the talk about huge infrastructure spending, Merchants Bonding Company wants to prepare you for the challenges with the right team at your back.

The right team doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear, but they do tell you what you need to hear.  Merchants has been the common sense surety since 1933 and 84 years of experience focused almost solely on surety has taught us what long term success looks like and how to achieve it. 

It’s about discipline and profitable growth.  We have seen the contractors who move too quickly to take on new lines of work, jobs three times larger than they’ve ever done before, or jobs outside of their usual area of operation, and they failed. 

A good professional surety underwriter, along with your agent, and construction accountant make up the team of trusted advisors that should have your back as you grow and take advantage of opportunities.  Grow but grow SMART and watch your construction company thrive.