HUD Manufactured Home Installation Bond

October 22, 2015

Housing and Urban Development has enforced a new bond requirement in 13 states for Manufactured Home Installation. The statue is written so a bond or insurance will suffice; the program is being administered in such a way that both will be needed.


Merchants Bonding Company will be a market for the $10,000 bond.  


The purpose of the Manufactured Home Installation Program is to implement regulations 24 CFR 3285 and 24 CFR Part 3286 to ensure that states have in place a minimum installation standard and an operating installation program. The law was passed in 2000 but is being enforced in 2015. HUD has hired an outside contractor to administer the program for these 13 states.


In states where the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will administer the Manufactured Home Installation Program, HUD will ensure that trainers of installers planning to work in HUD-administered states are registered with HUD and that persons planning to install homes in HUD-administered states are licensed by HUD. The HUD-Administered Manufactured Home State Installation Program is being implemented in four phases in all 13 states that do not administer their own installation program.


See the states below for deadlines:  

Alaska Connecticut Hawaii Illinois Maryland Massachusetts Montana Nebraska New Jersey Rhode Island South Dakota Vermont Wyoming