Student Intern Spotlight

November 28, 2018 null

Merchants was pleased to host Spencer Bailey during the 2018 school year as a part-time employee in the IT Department. Spencer is a student at Iowa State University pursuing a Software Engineering degree.


Spencer shared that his experience at Merchants was extremely memorable. “The culture was very employee friendly. My coworkers were very pleasant to work with and they were very knowledgeable and willing to help me, but they were also fun to work around. The work environment was very open in terms of discussions, sharing of ideas, providing feedback, etc.  If there was ever a moment where I had an idea, I was always able to share if comfortably.  Literally every day I had an opportunity to share my ideas, whether it was in our morning stand ups, when I peer-reviewed code, or in meetings discussing a problem. 

Spencer feels that Merchants helped develop his field of study as well. “My 11 months at Merchants were beyond valuable for my career. Prior to starting at Merchants, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to continue working with software and was considering going into civil engineering. Without Merchants, I likely wouldn’t be studying software engineering since I learned it was a field I actually want to work in.”  

Spencer’s favorite memory from his time at Merchants was when the IT Department all took a day trip to an I-Cubs baseball game. Almost everyone in IT was able to make it and it was an enjoyable experience to socialize with coworkers in a casual setting.  

Merchants IT Team enjoyed being a part of Spencer’s software engineering career path and we wish Spencer the best of luck in his career!