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Infants in the Workplace

July 30, 2019

Merchants Bonding Company™ has implemented a new employee benefit allowing new parents to bring their baby to work until six months of age or the baby begins to crawl, whichever comes first.

“We wanted this new benefit to demonstrate Merchants’ commitment to balancing the needs of the company, our associates and their families. We believe being family friendly with innovative solutions will help attract and retain great talent,” said Chairman of the Board and President Larry Taylor.

“Merchants has done everything they can to make the program work for moms like me,” said Agency Licensing Assistant Allison Prymek, “they provided an infant working room, and have reserved parking spots for parents bringing their babies.”

According to Assistant Vice President Human Resources Stacey Cale, “the program helps parents transition back to work while continuing to bond with their new infant. It also helps families financially through delaying daycare costs.” 

“I used the infants in the workplace benefit to bring my daughter, Josie, into the office for a few hours a week.  My wife loved the option of dropping her off so that she could easily attend appointments and run errands,” said Contract Underwriter Trevor Finders.  “The added flexibility made life much easier for the whole family.”

Parents may choose up to three other associates to act as back-up care when they are busy. “I rely on my helpers a lot! They step in multiple times a day when I need to clean bottles, take a break, or attend a meeting.” said Prymek.

Since implementing the program Merchants has already had two employees bring in their infants to work, and there are two more employees who are expecting and excited to use this program.