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Schubert Presents to Surety Association of Iowa

July 25, 2017

President of the Surety and Fidelity Association of America (SFAA) Lynn Schubert spoke at the Iowa chapter’s meeting in July. Merchants Bonding Company hosted Schubert’s first-time visit to Iowa to promote SFAA priorities.

Schubert stressed to the group that what is most important is keeping our products valuable and making sure people understand how valuable our products are. The key components to value are relevance, education and promotion. Examples included developing a bond product for the design portion of design-build contracts in contract surety; working with the IRS and the National Association of Professional Employers Organization to create a new bond form for commercial surety; and developing new forms and/or changing terms and definitions as new technologies emerge for fidelity bonds. 

The addition of two new communications staffers at the SFAA in Washington D.C. will help the association spread its message through all the latest communications channels including web and social media. Surety companies and agencies can look forward to broader message reach in the future.