$30 Flat Rate

Program Limits

$750,000 Single Bond / $750,000 Total Open Bond Penalty 

Account Exclusions

  • Has been in business or under current management for less than 3 years
  • The company, owner or predecessor has ever declared bankruptcy
  • The company, owner or predecessor has defaulted on a contract or been involved in a surety claim
  • The company, owner or predecessor has been involved in any lawsuits or liens in the last 5 years
  • The company, owner or predecessor has open bonds with another surety
  • Contractors and bonds in the five boroughs of New York City

Bond Exclusions

  • Work for Sovereign Nation Owners
  • Bid spread of 10% or greater
  • Maintenance guarantees over 2 years
  • Completion time in excess of 18 months
  • Work located outside of the contractor's home state or contiguous states (unless located within 300 miles of the contractor)
  • Environmental/Remediation Exposure
  • Design Build Contracts
  • Efficiency Guarantees
  • Computer Software Programs
  • Subdivision/Completion Bonds
  • Multi-Year Contracts or Renewal Options
  • IDIQ Contracts
  • Liquidated damages in excess of $2,500/day
  • Takeover Projects

Contact your Merchants underwriter for more information. Rates subject to change. Effective January 1, 2018.