Commercial/Fidelity/NOTARY Claims

Merchants’ commercial bond portfolio includes numerous types of bonds, generally including:


often required for trustees, executors and administrators of estates, and conservators and guardians, to protect interested parties from failure to perform fiduciary duties

License & Permit

required for various occupations and professions as a prerequisite to procurement of licenses and permits


required for participants in judicial proceedings in various circumstances

Public Official

required for various types of government employees, to protect the public from failure to faithfully perform official duties


Required for notaries to protect the public from financial loss due to mistake or improper conduct by a notary while performing notarial duties

Fidelity Bonds

Protect businesses and their customers from dishonest acts of employees.

Merchants’ commercial underwriting team serves all 50 states and writes various types of commercial and fidelity bonds. Typical claimants can include any number of different individuals and entities. Because requirements for a valid claim vary by state, city, bond type and/or bond form, we are unable to provide comprehensive information regarding the procedural and substantive requirements necessary to file and perfect a claim against these bonds here. You may consider seeking legal advice with respect to your particular claim.