Common Sense Claims Resolutions


Common Sense Claims Resolutions: Merchants' Experts Work To Avoid Contractor Default

In addition to providing financial security and construction assurance on building and construction projects, contract surety bonds serve as a valuable pre-default resource and risk mitigation tool for parties.

With over 100 years of surety and construction experience in its claims department, Merchants' claims professionals are well-positioned to put their expertise and resources to work to provide meaningful assistance to contractors, subcontractors and owners to efficiently resolve claim situations.

Because requirements for a valid claim vary by state, project and/or bond form, we are unable to provide comprehensive information regarding the procedural and substantive requirements necessary to file and perfect a claim against these bonds here. You may consider seeking legal advice with respect to your particular claim.


Common Sense Claims Resolutions: Merchants Rights the Ship in Less Than a Month

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Merchants Bonding Company prides itself on being a common sense surety. The claims department is no different. I think we maintain that same philosophy. We pride ourselves as being a common sense, proactive, solution-oriented department.