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Contract Claims

Contract surety bonds provide financial security and construction assurance on building and construction projects. Typical claimants include bond obligees, such as project owners and general contractors, and various third parties, such as subcontractors, suppliers and other vendors, that provide labor and materials to such projects.   


Merchants' contract underwriting team serves all 50 states and writes various types of contract bonds. Because requirements for a valid claim vary by state, project and/or bond form, we are unable to provide comprehensive information regarding the procedural and substantive requirements necessary to file and perfect a claim against these bonds here. You may consider seeking legal advice with respect to your particular claim.   


Please submit claims to: 

Merchants Bonding Company 

Attention: Claims  

P.O. Box 14498 

Des Moines, IA 50306-3498 

Fax: 515-243-3854 


In your claim correspondence, please note: your name, company and contact information; our bond principal's name; the project and/or bond number; current claim amount (if known); your counsel (if any); and an explanation of the issue.    


Upon submission of your correspondence and receipt by our Claims Department, we will promptly assign the claim to a claims professional to begin our independent investigation of the claim. The claims professional will send correspondence to the claimant acknowledging the claim and requesting information and documentation specific to the claim and situation. He/she will also advise our bond principal of the claim and request information from the principal regarding the claim. As our investigation progresses, he/she may request additional information or documentation from the claimant and/or principal. Upon the conclusion of our investigation, he/she will advise the claimant of our response.   


DISCLAIMER: This information is general in nature. It is intended solely to provide information about the claim process and allow direct and convenient contact with our Claims Department. It is not intended to be legal advice; you should not construe it as such. We reserve all rights and defenses available to us and/or the principal and do not waive any such rights.