Technology at Merchants

Who We Are

The Merchants Bonding Technology Delivery Team occupies a unique space in corporate technology. Developers here are collaborative partners, meeting with stakeholders and building relationships to help drive the company’s success. Our work is done in conjunction with, not separate from, our colleagues across the company. That work style has earned our team a great deal of trust from the company.

How We Work

Our process always begins with a business problem that needs to be solved and, as a team, we find the best solution. We build complete solutions addressing software, process changes, policies, training and coordination.

Why We're Different

Pitch-Driven Work

Our team develops pitches for improving business, software or customer experience. Once a pitch is accepted, it moves into a work cycle. This empowering pitch process creates true autonomy for team members.

Cycles, Not Sprints

Each work cycle is time-boxed to six weeks, an ideal unit of work that’s short enough to prevent procrastination and long enough to find traction. Every cycle is followed by a two-week cooldown to plan and prepare for the next one.

Fully-Developed Team Members

Team members’ roles cycle across projects, allowing them to strengthen and expand a wide range of skills. Opportunities to operate with agility and autonomy foster well-rounded team members.

Why Our Surprising Structure Works
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Automated Dev-ops

Every change – be it code or configuration - is deployed without human intervention to our test systems which encompass our entire ecosystem. Once our automated integration tests pass we can deploy to production - as often as multiple times per week.

Delivering Fast-Paced Value
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Tech Stack

The technology delivery team utilizes a sophisticated tech stack which includes an up-to-date Ruby on Rails framework with microservices and Heroku for web content, and AWS and Python for analytics.

Opportunities to Hone Your Craft
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Investing in Technology

Our best-in-class online bonding solutions, the Hub and the Hub Express, are prime examples of Merchants’ dedication to delivering technology that serves our agent partners and our associates.

Our Differentiators Drive Innovation
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At Merchants, we’re not just looking for someone with the right skills or qualifications - we're looking for the person who’s the right fit. We're seeking collaborators who thrive on working with others to achieve a common goal. A friendly and approachable personality is a must for our team. We value individuals with diverse backgrounds and unique interests - after all, it's our differences that make us stronger!

If you're passionate about innovation and having fun along the way, you're exactly who we're looking for. So if you're ready to join a dynamic team of tech innovators and make a real impact, we want to hear from you!

Build Your Career at Merchants
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Andy Edwards - Consulting Application Developer

Andy Edwards

Consulting Application Developer

"We would not be able to work the way we do without the respect, engagement, and support of our partners in the rest of the business. After helping to interview prospective team members, it is clear to me that we work in a unique environment compared to other software development organizations. Our empowerment to deliver value is truly amazing."

Jess Wyman - Apprentice Application Developer

Sarah Bowman

Business Intelligence Developer

"Being a part of the technology team is very rewarding due to our open and collaborative culture. There is a ton of opportunity for growth whether that be through trainings, attending conferences, pair programming, and support from our team members."

Megan Tompkins - Senior Corporate Expansion Partner

Megan Tompkins

Senior Corporate Expansion Partner

"With my 10 years of recruiting for Information Technology professionals, no department or company compares to the IT team at Merchants: hardworking, fun, flexible, dependable, and they strive to ensure the best customer service is provided"

Mike Gorski - Consulting Application Developer

Mike Gorski

Consulting Application Developer

"The last place I worked had 55 people in the product team, none of whom wrote software. That team would only generate 30-40 ideas a year. Our Merchants team, whose full-time job is to write software, generated 37 well-formed ideas, almost 4 per developer! That leaves me speechless!"