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In our 90 years of business in commercial surety, we’ve learned that agent experience matters most. Commercial surety with Merchants is all about efficiency. When you need us, our underwriting team is readily available. When you can handle it on your own, we provide the online tools to issue bonds without hassle or confusion.

Merchants issues commercial surety bonds through a wide network of appointed insurance agents across the nation. If you’re in need of a surety bond, reach out to an independent insurance agent near you. 

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First Class Service

As a surety-only business, we’ve honed our expertise in surety bonding. Expect same-day turnaround on new submissions and bond requests with Merchants. Each account has a dedicated, knowledgeable underwriting team eager to handle your requests.

Common Sense Underwriting

Merchants does not underwrite using inflexible formulas. Our willingness to look at each account on its own merits is what Merchants was founded on and allows us to continue to obtain new business.

Industry-Leading Website

The Merchants Bonding Company Hub™ consistently receives five-star reviews from customers. It was developed in-house based on requests and feedback from our agents. Features like bond form search by keyword, bond form preview, secure document upload, principal data autofill and online credit card payment make issuing commercial bonds easy and efficient.

Direct Bill Service

Let us handle the billing. No more chasing bills for increased bond amounts or spending time requesting renewal evidence from your client. Use direct bill on a bond-by-bond basis with the option for direct bill on first year or renewal. Principals can pay online with a credit card.


Merchants is a top national surety with a wide appetite for commercial bonds from single bond opportunities to multimillion-dollar accounts. A.M. Best has rated Merchants “A” (Excellent) or better since 1958.


From gift card incentives to swag you’ll love, our marketing department works hard to set your Merchants surety experience apart. Agencies who demonstrate commitment and momentum with Merchants may be invited to our Pacesetters program, which features benefits like magazines, surety events, and opportunities to shop at Merchants Market.

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Bond Types

Commercial surety bonds are an agreement between a principal and an obligee that a certain obligation will be performed. A wide range of bond types comprise commercial surety bonds, and Merchants is a market for the majority of commercial surety bonds.

License and Permit

Bonds that are required to become licensed in a regulated area. Underwriting requirements for license and permit bonds vary, but a completed commercial application, along with personal and business financial statements, are often needed.


In many states, notaries are required to hold a notary bond to protect the public from financial harm resulting from the notary’s wrongdoing. The bond guarantees that notaries will perform their notarial duties in accordance with the law.


Bonds that protect heirs of an estate or incapacitated wards. Underwriting requirements for probate bonds vary, but a completed commercial application, along with personal and business financial statements are often needed.


Bonds that guarantee a party will abide by court order. Underwriting requirements for court bonds vary, but court documents are often very helpful in determining the level of underwriting that’s needed.

Public Official

Bonds that guarantee honesty or faithful performance of elected officials. Underwriting requirements for probate bonds vary, but a completed commercial application, along with personal and business financial statements are often needed.

Non-Construction Performance Bonds

Bonds that guarantee “non-sticks-and-bricks contracts." This includes any contract that does not relate to a building or construction job. NCP bonds include: Service contracts; Supply contracts; Supply & Install and/or Fabricate & Supply.

Fidelity (Theft Guard)

Bonds that are specifically designed to mitigate the risk of employee theft, protecting businesses and business owners. The three types of fidelity bonds offered by Merchants are Theft Guard Standard, Theft Guard Pro, and Theft Guard Janitorial.


Bonds that provide protection for voluntarily established retirement and health plans in the private industry. The bond protects the employee benefit plan from fraud or dishonesty committed by those who handle the plan funds.


Insurance Program Bonds

Private insurance plans for businesses may require collateral to secure the policy. A Merchants Bonding Company insurance program bond is a cost-effective solution to meet this collateral requirement.


Merchants writes a wide variety of other bonds. Contact us for more details.

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