The Hub Express

An Automated Revenue Stream You Own and Control

With the Hub Express, agents can share bond links directly with their clients via email or by adding them to their agency website. Clients are empowered to order, pay for, and download more than 2,000 different commercial bonds instantly online. From onboarding through renewals, the Hub Express provides a seamless bonding experience.

How Does It Work?

1. Agents create reusable bond links for specific bonds and share them with their clients.

2. When the client clicks on the link, they can easily provide their own information, make the bond payment, and download their bond documents themselves.

3. Once the bond is issued, agents will receive a notification and their commission will be processed.


Automatically Yours

Put the power of an automated revenue stream to work for your insurance agency!

More Control is Automatically Yours

It’s your surety book; you maintain ownership and control. You decide which bonds to automate with the Hub Express and which you’d like to maintain yourself. But the business is yours - you own it with Merchants Bonding Company as your surety partner.

More Money is Automatically Yours

Unlock an automated revenue stream for transactional surety bonds. When your client orders a bond using the Hub Express, you’ll receive a notification and your commission will be processed. The Hub Express handles the bonding, you kick back and collect commission.

More Time is Automatically Yours

Create and share reusable bond links for specific bond obligations to allow applicants to order, pay and download bond documents themselves. Free up your agency’s time with automatic commercial surety bonds on the Hub Express.

More Trust is Automatically Yours

When it comes to simplifying surety, trust the experts. As the largest surety-only company in the United States, Merchants gets the details right. From issuance to billing to renewals, we have 90 years of experience in helping our agents succeed.


Creating Hub Express Links

With the Hub Express, the agent is in control. Agents generate and share links that allow clients to order their own surety bonds online! All it takes is two simple steps.

1. Generate Hub Express Links

Agents sign in to the Hub to easily generate the reusable bond links on the Hub Express home page or the bond search page.

2. Share the Links

Agents choose how they want clients to access the links.

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