Specialty Solutions

Merchants Bonding Company's Specialty Solutions team is dedicated to working with small and emerging contractors who have the knowledge and skills necessary for success, but need a hand-up to continue their growth and gain experience. New tools including collateral, funds control and the SBA Surety Bond Guarantee program provide additional solutions for our valued business partners and contractor clients who are eager to grow their business. In addition, our Specialty Solutions team provides support for acceptable subdivision bond obligations.


Specialty solutions include

SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Program

In partnership with the SBA and Foundation Surety & Insurance Solutions, Merchants Bonding issues surety bonds for small and emerging contractors that might not yet meet all of the criteria other sureties require.

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Subdivision Bonds

Subdivision bonds provide financial assurance that a developer will complete the required subdivision improvements.

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Securing adequate forms of collateral can be a useful option for emerging contractors when certain aspects of bonded obligations fall just outside general underwriting guidelines. 

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Funds Administration

Under a funds administration program, a third-party administrator receives and disburses contract funds on the bonded contractor's behalf, ensuring appropriate use of contract payments to complete a project. 

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