Internship Program

Be Involved. Be Prepared. Be The Future.

A great internship lays the groundwork for a great career and the summer internship program at Merchants Bonding Company offers just that. Insurance is a hot field for young professionals. A large group of construction insurance professionals are expected to retire over the next 10 years which is paving the way for an excellent career path in surety.

Merchants various internships expose students to a variety of opportunities within their field of study, as well as the company’s commitment to our purpose, vision, mission and values. Diverse content and learning opportunities offer a meaningful and holistic real-world experience. Underwriting interns learn common sense surety bond underwriting from industry experts. Marketing interns are exposed to all facets of a fully-functioning marketing department including branding, journalism and multimedia. Developer and Data Analytics/Business Intelligence interns have hands-on opportunities to create industry-leading technology. Finally, Legal interns experience real-world claims and compliance situations with opportunities to work and learn alongside high-caliber attorneys.

Combined with degree-specific training, Merchants Bonding Company’s summer internship program also offers students opportunities to create relationships with other interns through collaboration on group projects, team building activities and volunteer opportunities. Interns meet with other young professionals within the organization to learn from their experiences having a “real job” for the first time, as well as connecting with seasoned professionals for career and life planning discussions.

If you are interested in a summer internship with Merchants Bonding Company, see our job postings or email your resume to