A great internship lays the foundation for a great career and the Merchants Internship Experience offers just that by providing students with exposure within their field of study, as well as diverse content and learning opportunities to offer a meaningful and holistic real-world experience.

Combined with degree-specific training, the Merchants Internship Experience also offers students:

  • Opportunities to create relationships with other interns and associates.
  • A mentorship program with a senior professional in a relevant field.
  • The ability to help build the program by sharing their opinions on topics of interest.

If you are interested in a summer internship with Merchants Bonding Company, see our job postings or email your resume to

Merchants is committed to building teams that represent a variety of backgrounds, experiences, skills and perspectives. As part of this effort, Merchants gives interns the opportunity and support to apply for the Surety & Fidelity Industry Intern and Scholarship Program for underrepresented students. This program awards scholarships up to $5,000 to outstanding underrepresented students to support their studies in the areas of insurance/risk management, accounting, economics, or business/finance.


Continuous Improvement


At Merchants we value excellence, integrity and continuous improvement in all that we do. We encourage our interns to take every opportunity to ask questions and learn from mistakes.

My team has always supported me by being there for me whenever I need them – by answering questions and providing constructive feedback.

Surpassing Expectations

Merchants strives to deliver a first-class experience by surpassing expectations. While we encourage interns to do their best, and exceed expectations – Merchants also aspires to do the same.

I did not expect the level of involvement that I got. I honestly believed I was going to be doing busy work.

Positivity And Collaboration


Merchants values a positive and collaborative workplace culture, and we look for interns that help curate such culture through trust, loyalty and respect. Merchants associates frequently work on cross-departmental projects, which allows interns to attain well-rounded knowledge.

I absolutely feel included in my department. There’s so many things that I’ve been trusted with, even as just the intern.

Learning, Involvement And The Pursuit Of Opportunities

We encourage all interns to get involved and take initiative, which means actively pursuing opportunities that excite you. Interns have the opportunity to take on unfamiliar tasks and projects that will impact and elevate your skillsets.

I get to work with other departments, and collaborate with the HR department or the Marketing department to reach out beyond my basic skillset and to really learn to work with others.



Merchants cultivates an environment that allows associates to strike a work-life balance. We know the important of balancing the needs of the company, our associates and their families.

Merchants’ 37.5 hour flexible work weeks are incredibly helpful in maintaining my life outside of work.

Supporting Our Communities

Merchants values giving back to the community and encourages interns to participate in Merchants’ community outreach projects. Employees are allowed one work day a year to volunteer for a cause of their choice. 

Merchants definitely tries to be philanthropic in the communities that we serve. Even us as interns are allowed an entire workday to volunteer.

Celebrate And Have Fun


While Merchants values hard work and tenacity, we also value taking time away from work to have fun and celebrate your efforts.

Merchants definitely values social activity between employees, there are a lot of scheduled events that allow us to step away from work during the week.