Common Sense Underwriting


Personal Wealth? Surety Says Yes.


Does Your Surety Consider Net Worth? Merchants Bonding Does!

Pooling of Equity

Merchants’ willingness to look at both the business and personal equity to establish surety limits allows us to write accounts “as is” when other markets are requiring accounts to inject personal money into the company.

Net Worth vs Working Capital

Merchants is one of the few markets focusing primarily on net worth when establishing surety credit. Accounts that have limited working capital but good net worth, such as heavy equipment contractors or sub trades, could be a good fit for Merchants.


Merchants does not underwrite using a credit model or inflexible formulas. Our flexibility and willingness to look at each account on its own merits is what Merchants was founded on and allows us to continue to obtain new business.

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A company that focuses solely on surety bonds is unique in itself and offers superior service and communications to our agencies and accounts. But, it’s our common sense underwriting and a focus on net worth, both corporate and personally, that sets Merchants apart from other sureties.


Late Day Call, Unknown Number, Merchants Answered

First-Class Service

Merchants serves all 50 states with teams of contract underwriters who look at the whole picture to find the right balance of factors for your surety solutions. Our underwriters are hard-working, dedicated professionals who care about building great relationships and are committed to innovation. Because we use a collaborative approach, our agents and contractors benefit from innovative ideas, quality decision-making, superior underwriting and first-class service. We don’t have just one underwriter familiar with your account(s), we have a team – and you’ll enjoy the rapid response they can provide.

nullMerchants is always an excellent choice. We are ranked among the top 15 surety writers in the United States and have maintained an A.M. Best rating of “A” (Excellent) or better since 1958.