NEW Timing Saving Tools on the Hub™

February 25, 2022

Agents are now able to make corrections on existing bonds and automatically flat cancel bonds on the award-winning Merchants Bonding Company Hub™

“The new feature that allows our agency to instantly correct new business if a principal needs to make a quick update for the Obligee, or to correct the occasional typo, is fantastic. In addition, the added ability to instantly cancel bonds lets us immediately pull cancellation documents from the Hub transcript, which also helps our agency's accounting department,” said long-time Merchants agent partner Melissa Bromley.

If the bond is eligible for correction, submitting changes will generate new, corrected bond documents. After completing the correction or cancellation processes, relevant documents will be available immediately.

Melissa added, “The innovative technology of the Hub, combined with the access to a wonderful and knowledgeable team of underwriters, permits agencies to assist surety clients in the most efficient manner on a daily basis. Try the Hub, you won't regret it.”

For detailed information on how to complete these tasks, contract your commercial underwriter.