Rasmussen Weighs In on Technology Podcast

July 17, 2020

Merchants Bonding Company’s Chief Information Officer Brad Rasmussen was recently a guest on Baton Global’s podcast Baton Salon to discuss how Merchants is leading the way in Human Centric Transformation in Business & Finance.

Brad discusses how businesses are looking for new ways to improve their employee and customer experience digitally, and how businesses are improving the virtual processes as industries deal with the potential of a different workforce after the effects of COVID-19.

“Merchants has been working on this all along with our online bonding website, the Hub, and our analytics capabilities,” says Rasmussen. “We’ve been simplifying how our customers interact with us, moving to more of a virtual delivery model while changing how our associates do their work through digital transformation of our work flows.”

To hear more from Brad on these topics and to listen to the podcast episode visit Baton Global's website