Top 3 Reasons to Write Mortgage Broker Bonds with Merchants

June 28, 2021

As the housing market continues to boom, Merchants Bonding Company™ remains an excellent market for Mortgage Broker bonds. In fact, many of these bonds are considered with just a credit report up to $150,000 in aggregate exposure. Here are the top three reasons Merchants is the ideal market for your mortgage broker bonds.

1. We have excellent rates filed nationally on these bonds. Contact your Merchants commercial underwriter for details.

2. Merchants is making e-bonding easy with indemnity signatures waived on single liability bonds up to $75,000 and a fully integrated electronic indemnity signature process on the Merchants Bonding Company Hub™.

3. We’re very knowledgeable on the NMLS electronic surety bond system. Don’t know how it works? Contact your commercial underwriter for access to our tutorial video on the process!