TRIP releases Rural Roads report

Report Released Nationally to Show Importance of Rural Roads to America's Economic Recovery

Released by  Lisa Templeton, TRIP Deputy Executive Director (May 12)

The National Transportation Research Nonprofit (TRIP) electronically released its rural roads report today. To ensure a broad coalition of input and to maximize the impact of the importance of rural roads investment, we reached out to the Rebuild Rural Coalition (250 members), American Farm Bureau Federation, AGC, ARTBA and AEM to provide quotes for the national news release. The news release includes rankings for the top 20 states in three categories:  share of rural bridges in poor/structurally deficient condition; share of rural roads and highways in poor condition; and, rural non-Interstate traffic fatality rates. The report includes appendices with data for all states.

The report finds that Iowa ranks third in the nation in the share of rural bridges in poor/structurally deficient condition and we distributed a customized Iowa news release to local news media today. We believe that during the ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is appropriate to publicize the essential role being played by the transportation construction industry in helping the nation respond to the pandemic by safely continuing with needed construction projects.

The report, appendices, national and state news releases can be found on TRIP’s website and you can get all of the materials by clicking this direct link.