California Tax Preparer Bonds

Bondholder Information

How Do I Obtain A California Tax Preparer Bond From Merchants Bonding Company?

Merchants Bonding Company sells exclusively through independent agents. Contact your insurance agency to find out if they produce surety bonds or use Merchants’ Find An Agent directory to locate a surety elite agent in your area. Merchants will work with your surety agent to underwrite your bond.

How Does My Bond Renew?

California tax preparer bonds renew via a continuation certificate filed with the obligee. This document is provided after renewal payment has been received.

What Should I Do With My California Tax Preparer Bond Renewal Continuation Certificate Once I Get It?

Update your bond coverage dates on the CTEC website ( If you have questions on how to register or update the CTEC website, please contact CTEC direct at or by phone (877) 850-2832. Click here for a bond certificate upload guide courtesy of CTEC.

How Can I Complete My Renewal Payment?

Merchants cannot accept payment over the phone. We accept payment by credit card, check or money order. To pay by credit card, visit, as listed on your invoice. You will need the payment code from your renewal invoice to access your invoice. If the payment URL listed on your invoice is, your payment code is xr2jg0kw

Or, send a check or money order to:
Merchants Bonding Company (Mutual) 
P.O. Box 850180
Minneapolis, MN 55485-0180 

How Do I Pay My Bond Renewal By Credit Card When I Don't Have My Payment Code/URL?

Please contact us at and we will email you the necessary information. Please provide the name listed on the bond as well as the bond number. Please do not send credit card information or personally identifiable information directly to Merchants Bonding Company.

Why Haven't I Received An Invoice For My Bond Renewal?

Please contact us at and we will verify your mailing address in our records. Please provide the name listed on the bond, the bond number and the proper mailing address. Please do not send personally identifiable information directly to Merchants Bonding Company.

How Can I Get An Electronic Copy Of My Bond Emailed To Me?

Email with your bond number and we will email you an electronic copy of your bond.

When Will I Receive My Renewal Certificate Or Bond Once I've Paid My Bond Renewal? 

It will usually take about 7-10 business days from when we receive your payment for you to get your renewal documents. The effective date on your renewal certificate or bond will not be impacted by the processing time.