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Merchants' Online Bond System

We are committed to making bonding easy for our agents with the latest technology and innovations. We are continually updating and improving our online agency center to enhance the first-class experience you've come to expect from Merchants Bonding CompanyTM. We offer an online solution with simple tools and stellar results! You must be a Merchants Bonding appointed agent to gain access to our system. 



Order Bonds

  • Simple, intuitive, step-by-step bonding
  • Options for commercial bonds, bid bonds, performance & payment bonds, notary bonds and errors & omissions policies


Rate Bonds

  • Calculate rates on any bond type
  • Rates are current
  • View updated rates 


Bond Forms

  • Access to more than 2,500 bond forms including applications, financials and acknowledgements
  • Search by state, bond title or obligee
  • Print completed copies of bond, power of attorney and billing forms  


Principal Information

  • Submit new accounts
  • Update existing principal information
  • Agents can view accounts' lines of credit
  • Retain principal information 


Agency Information

Instant access to up-to-date information on your agency including:

  • Statements/billings
  • Year-to-date and previous year's premium volume
  • Commission rates/schedule