Theft Guard Standard

Covers your business and your clients from dishonest acts by your employees.

Theft Guard Standard

  • Is designed for any small business where the employee has access to steal from a customer, such as home healthcare workers, home pet care or subcontractors. Additionally, Theft Guard is designed for businesses with employer/employee exposure such as retail stores and convenience stores.
  • Covers the business owner/employer AND the customer or subscriber of the service.
  • Is blanket position, which covers employees of a business on a blanket basis with the limit of coverage applied separately to each employee guilty of employee dishonesty under the terms of the bond.
  • Has a conviction clause, meaning the employee must be convicted of the theft before there can be a claim on the bond.*
  • Pays penalties up to $100,000.

Theft Guard Standard does not

  • Cover employees who have committed any previous fraudulent or dishonest acts.  Exclusion is automatic from the time that the Insured/Owner has knowledge of such acts, unless coverage is agreed to by Merchants Bonding Company in writing.


*Conviction clauses do not apply in some states. Contact your Merchants underwriter for current rules and rates in your area.

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